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“Richter” accommodates a 5* hotel, a restaurant, a bar, a vermoutheria, “Lebigmag” magazine hall, the “Szena” contemporary art gallery, “Glagolev FM” radio studio, “Esh Print” printing shop and a garden all in one. We provide an independent venue designed for entrepreneurs, artists, media representatives, educators, musicians, writers and creative thinkers to interact freely and find inspiration.
16 September
The Opening

A new venue is opening in downtown Moscow. The “Richter” project houses a five-star hotel, a restaurant, a bar, a vermoutheria, a lecture hall, a library and two contemporary art galleries.

For 4 days, seven separate rooms will be turned into art, architecture, photography, cinema, music and media installations designed by our curators. The Perception Museum, created by a team of Garage MCA “Infinite Ear” exhibition performers and mediators together with a “Co-touch” team of tactile performance, will be set up on the third floor.

The silent Chantal Akerman film“Hôtel Monterey,” live-scored on modular synths by Fedor Vetalkov, will be shown at 7 p.m. in the garden amphitheater.

The soirée will continue with a concert of St. Peterburg “Mårble” band; later, a party will take place in the mansion with renowned journalists meeting the guests at bar counters.

18 September
A storytelling party: a lecture on conspiracy theories and a reading of the works of Aleksey Ponedelchenko

“Mamihlapinatana” publishing house (a self-published magazine “Batenka, da vy transformer,” “Glagolev FM” radio and “Nosorog” literary magazine) presents a story night. Ilya Yablokov, University of Leeds (England) lecturer and conspiracy theory expert, will deliver a public talk “Why conspiracy theories are a good thing,” discussing the reasons why conspiracy theories aren't that bad and why a modern person should believe in them.

The artists of the “Lubimovka” festival will host a reading of  “A Car Mechanic’s Notebook” – a collection of humorous short stories about Russian life seen from the perspective of a typical suburban car service worker – penned in Novosibirsk by iconic writer Aleksey Ponedelchenko.


7:30 pm-8:30 pm – Ilya Yablokov on conspiracy theories

9.00 pm – The reading of “A Car Mechanic’s Notebook”

19 September
Psycho Daily occupies the “Richter” mansion

Psycho Daily Telegram channel is now at the “Richter” mansion. Urban micromedia created by Ekaterina Dementieva, Phillip Mironov, Alisa Poe, Ksusha Vituk and Pasha Vardishvili will lead their subscribers in a mini-quest around the mansion. Little events and big revelations await the guests in most of the rooms. The quest will be followed by a little concert and dancing.

20 September
Jurij Treskow’s solo exhibition “Fatal II” (by invitation only)

The well-known photographer and one of the curators of the “Richter” project Jurij Treskow will host his second “Fatal” exhibition – a series of photographs, videos, collages and installations devoted to feminine beauty.

Treskow continues his research of the sexuality and eroticism of La femme fatale. Experience a full-blast content digitization, an artificial intelligence’s study of its own sexuality, photo shoots, performances and installations, active involvement and immersion of guests in all of the above-mentioned processes as well as collaborations with Leform, Leica, My Dear Petra, Playtronica, Saint Room.

21 September
Richter + OUTLAW MOSCOW + Esh Gruppa: signature style and uniform collection presentation (by invitation only)

The signature style of the “Richter” project was conceived and developed by Esh Gruppa studio. They created the unique font known as Bipolar Grotesque and inhabited the mansion's historic decorated ceiling with mythical creatures. The iconic brand OUTLAW Moscow is designing the uniform for the “Richter” team. Members of OUTLAW and Esh will present the results of their efforts at the party. The program includes the presentation itself, 3D mapping on the mansion's facade, the market launch of Outlaw+Richter kerchiefs, the charity auction of original sweatshirts, tattoos, and electronic music by Stas Sharifullin.

24 September
Teaser of Maxim Didenko's play “Dead Mountaineer's Hotel” (by invitation only)

Theater curator of the “Richter” project, stage director Maxim Didenko, will present a rough copy of his new play based on the Strugatsky brothers’ novel Dead Mountaineer's Hotel. This book was an experiment for the writers – they aspired to create a science fiction detective story, to break the rules and reinvent the genre, but they soon realized that some things can't be changed. Didenko's play will be built into the architecture, interiors and structure of the mansion. It is to be held in “Richter” in the year 2019.

5 December
The opening of Anton Kushaev’s personal exhibition “You, only after” at the “Szena” gallery

The second exhibition held at the “Szena” gallery is the solo-project of artist Anton Kushaev. The exposition will feature artwork made in various techniques: painting on brass and fabric, photography, ceramic objects and sculpture. The gallery curator Anastasia Shavlohova remarks: “I noticed Anton Kushaev in 2017 at his exhibition with the Winzavod “Start” project. Even then, I was amazed by the multidisciplinary intensity of his art. This “concentration” has only increased, and this especially separates Kushaev from other artists of his generation. Each work of art in the “You, only after” project can be viewed as a coded image of a symbolic cultural archive. This is an aesthetically precise and intellectually saturated game of lost meanings”.

8 December
Klammklang’s five-year anniversary

Klammklang music label is celebrating its 5 year anniversary. Three stages will be set up on different floors of the mansion, each of them hosting presentations of new releases, live concerts and improvised music sessions by twelve performing artists and label friends; separate rooms will house various multimedia installations. Sound artists Auguste Vickunaite and Hugo Esquinca will present their piece called “Works for Electromagnetic Tape & Digital Signal Processing.” Berlin musician Galina Ozeran (Not Not Fun label) and the creator of one of the first Klammklang cassettes will deliver a vocal-instrumental improvisation. A living classic of national avant-garde, Sergey Letov, will perform with a young St. Petersburg musician Vladimir Luchansky, the creator of the Bisamråtta electronic project, and session musician Kate NV, ГШ (Glintshake), Интурист. Mårble (St. Petersburg) will feature its soon-to-be released album “Criminal Russia.” Guests will also enjoy music by KP Transmission and a special set with Evgeny Bylina.

Additionally, guests can enjoy an installation by Ernest Yakovlev, an artist, musician, and member of “Science and Art.” Performing artists Zurkas Tepla and Art Crime will present previews of their upcoming albums. The event will also feature an installation by Moscow artist, musician and curator Vlad Dobrovolski in collaboration with Leta Dobrovolski. The event is sponsored by Goethe-Institute in Moscow. Tickets available here.

15 December
Magazine hall and printing shop opening

Lebigmag is opening a new magazine hall and invites you to be its chief guests. Get ready to be the first to smell printer's ink from all over the world and to hear the rustling sound of pristine pages. A vast collection of periodical publications is already on the shelves, while the latest paramount winter season hard-copy publications (Numero Berlin, 032c, System, etc.) will arrive just in time for the celebration.

The guest editor of the night is Sasha Mademuaselle. She will present her new printed work: a triptych on sadness, merriment and sexual freedom. This zine is currently printed on soft-colored paper with harsh black ink at the caring hands of Esh Print team, the very same who designed the “Richter” signature style. Later in the day, we will celebrate the relocation of their risography power to Pyatnitskaya street and watch as this infernal machine prints memorable posters to present to all of the guests.

Eva Kotova will provide the background music. She commented on the upcoming performance is as follows: “I'll do my best not to include very gloomy tracks, so it'll be fine.”

Facebook event page here. Free entrance for all

31 December
Richter × Cadillac: New Year party – ice-skating, dinner and fireworks

Let's forget (and forgive) 2018 and celebrate New Year 2019 in “Richter” mansion! Our team and curators have prepared presents to give out and contemporary art to display, and tonight we are eagerly awaiting our guests in the 19th-century mansion in downtown Moscow. Corporate chef Ivan Dubakov’s cold refreshments await you in the first-floor open kitchen, as do our vermoutheria, bar and video installation with a retro Cadillac ad made by MIEFF founder Vladimir Nadein. A secret room on the second floor features an installation by Igor Samolet: you'll see a four-meter Christmas tree, a flash-bang background and immense brass toys. Come into the garden to skate, eat steaming paella from a large cooking pot, taste some grog or go straight to the bar. Moreover, enjoy an Igor Samolet sculpture and a screening of Ivan Vasilievich Changes Professions.

The musical agenda includes festive DJ sets by the rare-jazz collector and creator of the “Estetika Zvuka” project Artem Ryasanov, the founder of GOST ZVUK Ildar Zaynetdinov, electronic musician and DJ Art Crime, and “Richter” music curator Stas Sharifullin.

At the entrance, the guests will be treated to a glass of sparkling wine and given a special gift – a CD with a fresh New Year mix from Artem Ryasanov’s “Souvenir” series. The cover of this CD will be printed for the purpose by our residents ESH Print.

Come join us for the “Richter” New Year’s party!

Buy tickets here.

18 February
Открытие ресторана «Рихтер»
7 March
Показ фильма «Свет солнца жёлтый» Маргерит Дюрас
Anastasia Efimova
Egor Mostovshikov
Grigory Tumanov
Anton Yarosh
Ivan Dubkow
Evgeny Shur
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Petr Mironenko
Pablo Pukhno
Silvia Aleksandrova
Alexey Petrov
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Serdar Yanikov
Vladimir Nadein
MIEFF, founder
Konstantin Kotov
Lebigmag, Founder
Jurij Treskow
Visual Artist
Kseniya Trushakova
Yoga Space, Founder
Anastasia Shavlokhova
"Szena" gallery, Founder